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Always with the gears suppliers

News: From this month the Cotarko GmbH (an independent subsidiary of Ford-Werke GmbH and manufactures precision forgings for the automotive industry) comes up besides Tekfor and Seisseschmidt as gear ring supplier at Getrag plant in Italy. From these pages, we send them our greeting and best wishes for the best successes. In this first phase, Cotarko has chosen the long time experience of Punto Netto (as already done for the other two suppliers) to solve those defects of youth that the first pieces supplied can show. We hardly work to provide the right feedback, at the same time, we note the attention and commitment that Cotarko show for the quality of its products.

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Punto Netto di Griso Gaetano s.r.l. is a Company set up already in 1997 in the sector of services to metal and mechanical Companies. The experiences gained in twenty years led us to evolve in the activities of technical assistance and quality inspections, including non-destructive testing, at the most important Companies of automotive sector.

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