New agreement for DGH checking at Getrag plant

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New agreement for DGH checking at Getrag plant

From March 01st 2014, Punto Netto will go on with the checking on DGH component, at Getrag plant – Italy. According to the agreement the activity cost will be shared equitably between the two companies.
So both the companies have confirmed Punto Netto as service provider for this activity.
We will have a double important task: to identify defects on raw parts and on machined parts.
We are proud to have been again chosen to perform this delicate and demanding activity. This confirm the goodness of a work, started about 10 years old, when these parts were supplied by Almec. Ever

Thank to daily audit and concrete improvement actions , now as then, Punto Netto collects confidence of these two important companies, to which we express our gratitude.

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Punto Netto di Griso Gaetano s.r.l. is a Company set up already in 1997 in the sector of services to metal and mechanical Companies. The experiences gained in twenty years led us to evolve in the activities of technical assistance and quality inspections, including non-destructive testing, at the most important Companies of automotive sector.

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