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Interview to Ing. Gaetano Griso

Accreditation is becaming a Type C
of inspection body

Interview with the management consultant Sergio Attingenti

News: Punto Netto will become an accredited Type C Inspection Body. After having harmonized and integrated its Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015 standard) for both Health and Safety in the workplace (BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard), obtaining INTERTEK's certification which is one of the most prestigious in the world, the new challenge for the Avellino’s company, led by Gaetano Griso, is represented by the need to further implement its Management System with the accreditation into the international standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012 from the Italian National Accreditation Body ACCREDIA.

We talk about it with the engineer Sergio Attingenti, the management consultant who will take Punto Netto to the new status of an accredited Type C Inspection Body according to ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

Expert in business management, technical regulations and certification of products, processes, services and management systems, Sergio Attingenti has been working in the sector for over 25 years and he carries out both consultancy and inspection activities, as well as specialist training activities. Graduated in 1991 from the Polytechnic of Naples in Electronic Engineering, he started his professional career in prestigious national companies as the naval sector (FINCANTIERI), railway sector (FIREMA TRASPORTI) and vehicle sector (PIAGGIO), dealing with the production process management and quality control with applications of Project Management, BRP, Problem Solving and FMECA methodologies. Therefore he devoted himself to the organisational consultancy for both small and medium industry as well as the service companies, for national and international industrial groups, from design to production and logistics.

In addition to that, during these years, it has been performed an intense activity of product and process’ certification as well as a twenty-year audit activity upon management systems on behalf of prestigious Certification Bodies. Thanks to his experience and competence, he has been the author of 2 books published by Buffetti. He made various articles published on the most important magazines of the sector and he has also been involved in the activity of speaker of university seminars at the Seconda Università of Naples.

"Compliance with a standard - explains Attingenti - means that the company is called to redesign its management and operational processes as well as to establish and implement new rules of conduct. Redesign the set of responsibilities, tasks and assignments, and finally to consistently establish objectives, policies and strategies so as to establish and implement a management system that meets the requirements of the standard taken as reference".

What is ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and what is the accreditation process?

«"The standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012 is nothing more than the standard that prescribes the requirements that an organization have to posses in order to carry out inspection activities over products, processes or services. Accreditation, therefore, is the acknowledgement made by a recognised Accreditation Body which has the task of verifying that the organisation actually meets the requirements of the standard. In Italy, the recognised body is ACCREDIA".».

What are the requirements of Punto Netto?

«The requirements that the company in part already meets are of an administrative and organizational nature, with particular attention to the financial soundness of the Organisation itself, impartiality, independence and integrity in the performance of inspections and the confidentiality of everything that comes to its attention. Other requirements concern on the availability of adequate human and infrastructural resources to carry out the inspections requested. Finally, we must meet specific requirements for the actual process of carrying out the inspections themselves, from the planning, the organization and the execution, up to the verification, the re-examination and the approval of the results of such inspections.».

Which are the principles?

«The principles that are needed to perform an inspection's activity are those of independence, integrity and impartiality. This is in order to avoid situations that may hamper the credibility of inspection results. For this reason, the top management of the organisation is strongly committed to these three principles, which are then complemented by the principle of confidentiality».

What does it mean to become an inspection body organisation?

«In the meantime, it involves a financial and organizational effort and a new methodological approach that requires a strong commitment of all the people involved in the inspection process, even in relation to the responsibilities assumed as a result of the inspection activities. At all levels it is needed a strong awareness of the importance of own role».

Which additional value will Punto Netto offer to its customers after the accreditation?

«The quality and reliability of the inspections carried out so far by Punto Netto will be sealed by ACCREDIA's accreditation, which is the body recognized worldwide by the International Accreditation Forum and the European Accreditation. Once the accreditation has been obtained, the inspection service of the Avellino’s company will be provided with a "licence". This will represent an added value to the already recognized credibility and professionalism of Punto Netto».

What kind of capabilities have it seen in a company that is so sensitive to the implementation of quality/security management systems?

«Punto Netto has considerable potentialities. It possesses a know-how in terms of quality control, non-destructive testing and inspections and a very strong experience in the Automotive sector in which field it is widely recognized. By obtaining the accreditation of an organization full of contents such as ACCREDIA, Punto Netto is a candidate to open up to a new market in which it will enter as a protagonist and with all the signs of a totally recognized organization.».

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Punto Netto di Griso Gaetano s.r.l. is a Company set up already in 1997 in the sector of services to metal and mechanical Companies. The experiences gained in twenty years led us to evolve in the activities of technical assistance and quality inspections, including non-destructive testing, at the most important Companies of automotive sector.

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